Honey Mash #1

We are “bee-lighted” to announce that we have officially begun production on our next bottled spirit… a honey spirit that we make entirely from Front Range honey! This is a truly precious product for a myriad of reasons, and we will be posting updates throughout the lengthy process. For now… a few bits of honey bee trivia […]

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New Exhibit on the Walls

Come join us this Friday to welcome the new exhibit by Don Wyman. Artist’s Reception from 6pm – 9ish. As always on a Friday the tasting room will be open from 4pm, and there will be live music from around 6:30pm – 8:30ish.

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Sip the Good Stuff

Sip the Good Stuff (a wee chemistry goes a long way) The Cut is the Key! You may have heard the expression, “making the cut”. In the world of distilling this is both the familiar figure of speech, as well as a literal task… and a critical one at that. Any time a sugar is […]

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