Greetings, finest Cellars community.

(a final farewell.)

It is with the official onset of Summer, the buzzing of the bees, the afternoon clouds and beckon of storms, the vibrance of the blooms, and the sweet song of the birds that we announce official the closing of the Still Cellars chapter as it has been known.

Still Cellars is hereby transmuted from your familiar local arthouse and distillery into its new burgeoning form and energy… Copper Sky Distillery.

After more than eight years of dreaming and manifesting and building and tending this corner of the local Longmont soil, it is our honor to be the fertile ground for the next generation. Quality products with a local focus and celebrating community are the foundation and continuing values of our successors, Mike and David and Elisabeth. We are delighted with this fantastic and experienced team who is picking up the mantle, and we are excited to watch and support them as they evolve the space and company in their own unique ways.

It is our absolute desire for them to plow a successful path into Longmont’s future, and we are glad to be/become part of their origin story. Welcome them and support their adventure and successes! Subscribe to their mailing list to be included in the most up-to-date announcements and opening dates and spirits line-up at, and follow @copperskydistillery on facebook and Instagram. Still Cellars products are discontinued and the Copper Sky lineup will hit the market soon.

To whatever degree simple words can express immensity, we thank you for the journey that has been Still Cellars. What a deeply profound and connective and expansive space and experience for us all. And it took the community, the village, you.

We look forward to seeing you along the unfolding path.

May deep peace and whole health be yours and the community’s.
May there be lightness to balance the heavy of these present days.

sadye rose & jason
Still Cellars, a distillery and arthouse.