celebrate sadye rose!

As we make our way along Life’s path, there is the occasional encounter with one who beautifies and inspires our entire journey. As one among us with the exquisite fortune of crossing paths with sadye rose wissman, you know exactly this honor and delight. A singular voice of passion, wisdom, humor, inevitable kindness; creator, supporter, and champion of the arts with a poignant aesthetic; student and teacher of healing across modalities; ally, patron, fierce proponent of true inclusivity… the extolment can flow on and on…

And on February 28 she finishes her first four decades of being the brilliantly singular sadye rose!

As you may know (and if not, freely inquire), this year of turning forty holds much import for sadye rose. Through powerful intention and concerted energy she is manifesting much change, growth, transition, healing. Needs and desires sown and now ripe… for new patterns and practices, new rhythms and space, new perspectives and possibilities. sadye rose has expressed a determination to embrace this year as a turning point in her life, especially when it comes to her health and well-being.

sadye rose has a growing list of health and well-being tools and tactics that she has not been able to implement due to financial constraints. Insurance will not cover one dime of the hundreds of dollars per month for the continuous glucose monitor she needs to get her type I diabetes under control. Nor will insurance cover the blood work and naturopathic care specifically recommended by her physician. The list goes on, adding up to thousands that she simply does not have. Though sadye rose has taken herself admirably far within her limited means, she is ready to go further in this new year and new decade. Toward actualizing herself, toward resolving some ongoing internal challenges, toward feeling consistently good and sharing that goodness with her community.



That’s where we come in! We are the community who has benefited from the countless exceptional gifts and generosity of sadye rose for all these years, and we have a fantastic opportunity to express our appreciation, gratitude, and confidence in this luminous being!

sadye rose is not prone to ask for it, so it is on us to step up and offer it… sadye rose needs our help! Let’s shower her with abundance to empower all she wants to make of this brave new year and chapter. Be it the medical devices, the advanced individualized treatments, the time and space to reduce stress and let her path flourish… sadye rose is ready to welcome this new year as a bold new chapter, let’s show her that her community believes in her and is ready to support her all the way!

We are enough in numbers that if we each contribute even a modest amount, we can aggregate a meaningful impact for her entire year. Truly ever single dollar counts, so please don’t be shy. Below are options for either a one time contribution or year-long monthly “subscription” if that’s easier on your budget, or of course both! By doing this on our own terms and separate from the mainstream commercial crowdfunding platforms, we maximize the dollars going directly to sadye rose to vitalize her year of being forty… and the rest of her beautiful life! We are using the Still Cellars website for convenience and control, but all of these funds are reserved specifically for the health and well-being of sadye rose. Both options below are name-your-own-price, just enter whatever amount you are able and willing into either or both the “subscribe” or “donate” boxes. 

Please freely share the link to this page with anyone and everyone… let’s get the word as far and wide as we can.

On behalf of those of us profoundly and positively impacted by this outstanding individual, thank you for your generosity!

Subscribe and/or donate now, and let’s celebrate sadye rose!