Welcome to Still Cellars, a distillery and arthouse.

Our tasting room is open on Wednesdays and Fridays, from 4pm to 8:30ish. Check our calendar regularly for arthouse events on other days, such as storytelling, concerts, Movie Mondays, and plenty more.


Tucked away in an unassuming corner of Longmont, Colorado, Still Cellars is a true micro-distillery, conceived and constructed by its two owner-operators, Jason R. Houston and Sadye Rose W. Still Cellars is certified organic, conducts business responsibly and kindly, and has been working to create a space that fosters and supports local art and community since early 2014.

The arthouse and spirits reflect the owners’ passion for creativity and quality. The duo lovingly hand-craft each spirit from scratch using traditional methods and uncompromising standards. Each product artfully celebrates the complexities of its original ingredients, and offers a truly unique sipping experience. The arthouse acts as the distillery’s tasting room as well as a venue for local and touring artists to exhibit and perform for the community. Still Cellars is open to the public two days per week for tastings and cocktails, and is otherwise available for performances, events, gatherings, and tours by appointment.