We are “bee-lighted” to announce that we have officially begun production on our next bottled spirit… a honey spirit that we make entirely from Front Range honey! This is a truly precious product for a myriad of reasons, and we will be posting updates throughout the lengthy process. For now… a few bits of honey bee trivia to celebrate how much goes into this exceptional product…

It takes around twelve honey bees to make a single teaspoon of honey. That means our first honey mash is thanks to the labor of around 368,640 honey bees!

Considering that honey bees must tap around two million flowers to make a single pound of honey, our first mash has been kissed by around 160 million flowers!

Honey bees directly pollinate the flowers of around 1/3 of all fruits and vegetables, and indirectly pollinate around 70% of food crops!
Honey bees may need to fly around 50,000 miles to make a single pound of honey!