All Still Cellars products are certified organic and made by hand from scratch here at Still Cellars in Longmont, CO. To retain the greatest amount of ingredient character possible Still Cellars uses whole food ingredients, does not chill-filter, and only gently filters its final products. Some amount of sediment and/or cloudiness will be present and is normal, especially in the apple spirits.

Whiskey Barley

Colorado’s first certified organic whiskey. Crafted in the tradition of an old-style scotch, this is not only a single malt but also a single-grain whiskey. Each barrel of this all-barley spirit is its own unblended batch, and offers a bold caramel nose, earthy body, and rich finish with playful citrus overtones. Designed to satiate a discerning palate, whiskey barley also brings new life to many classic whiskey cocktails.


Made from fruit and grain, this vodka is distilled until clean, gently filtered, and cut with pure Rocky Mountain water. A surprisingly smooth, silky sipping vodka with a subtle and alluring signature character.

Apple Straightup

An apple eau de vie (un-oaked brandy) in a category all its own. Still Cellars ferments and distills apples from Colorado’s Western Slope, then adeptly infuses the spirit with fresh apples giving it a delicate sweetness and greater complexity. With the full character of around twenty pounds of apples per bottle, this truly original sipping spirit offers sophisticated elegance, mild fruit-sweetness, hints of apple peel bitterness, notes of honeysuckle, and a satisfying strength. Exquisite in a snifter on its own, apple straightup also swaps well for brandy, whiskey, and even sometimes vodka in many classic recipes.

Apple Ginger

Still Cellars takes the apple straightup spirit, then skillfully infuses it further with real dried ginger root, capturing the delightful spice and warming powers of ginger, and balancing the root’s bitterness with the floral sweetness of apple. This is a spirit for ginger lovers, and maintains all the medicinal properties of the potent herb. A wonder to behold on its own, apple ginger also pairs well with citrus, fruits, floral and savory herbs, and peppery spices.

Apple Cinnamon

Following the same principles as the apple ginger spirits, Still Cellars takes the apple straightup spirit and carefully infuses it further with real cinnamon. This is a wonderfully smooth and deeply warming sipping spirit that achieves a fine balance of subtle sweetness and bold character. Stands proudly on its own, apple cinnamon also mixes well with cacao, orange, creams and milks, nuts.