Performing at Still Cellars

Our space is small and intimate, capacity all inclusive being 49. This makes the space especially conducive to acoustic/unplugged performances, but is not limiting. Our stage area is on the same plane as the audience and is outfitted with simple stage lighting. We have a house PA system that is available for use, as well as a 100-year old piano that is in tune and always loves to be played. We also have a digital projector and large retractable screen for cinematic presentations. We do not serve food, though food, snacks, and picnics are welcome to be brought in! We are also not considered a ‘bar’, so folks under 21 are welcome.

Outlined below are some basics about how we operate in general. We want your experience here to be smooth and positive, so do please continue the conversation if you have questions, and/or would like to discuss any changes, alternatives, exceptions, wonders, etc.


Tasting Room Eves vs. Arthouse Eves
Our tasting room is open steadily on Wednesdays and Fridays from 4pm – 8:30ish. We typically host music on Friday eve’s and also on the occasional Wednesday. We generally advertise music as being from 6:30pm – 8:30pm and can be a certain casual within and around this. We are committed to not charging a cover price on these particular evenings, and customers freely come and go throughout the duration of these hours. We offer performers a couple of complimentary handcrafted organic cocktail drinks ($7-$12 value each), the available use of our PA system and lights, a shiny tip jar, the encouragement for tips, and boundless gratitude. Artists are, of course, welcome to sell merchandise as well! (We are happy to elaborate on why we are not able to pay artists at this time, just ask and we’ll share.) As said, our space is conducive to gathering a listening audience, but as it is also a tasting room, there may be nights that you may feel more like background music.

Evenings other than Wednesdays and Fridays are “arthouse” evenings. These are more ‘focused’ or ‘special’ events. For these events, you as the performer(s) may sculpt the eve to be exactly as you wish. You may choose to charge a ticket price/cover charge/suggested donation… On Saturday eves we will retain 50% of ticket sales proceeds from the first 20 tickets sold; after that ALL proceeds go to you. On non-Saturday eves we do not take any cut of ticket sales. We also offer to set up a ticket page on our website if advance ticket sales are desired. A small transaction fee is charged per online ticket sale, but it is less that most online ticket sales services at 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. You may set your own start time, knowing that we open the doors one hour prior to this (i.e., doors at 6pm, show at 7pm). You can say whether or not you would mind respectful and discreet drink service during your performance. If you prefer no drink service during, we appreciate an intermission built in if that can be comfortable to your show. On these nights, because we do not take a cut from the door or charge for the space, beverages for performers are full price. These performances rely a bit more on marketing efforts, depending on how well the performer is known in the area, in terms of gathering an audience. These ‘outside of Wednesdays and Fridays’ work nicely for ticketed shows, cd releases, gatherings, fundraisers, etc. There is no guarantee as far as audience number or monetary gain, and we will always do our utmost to assist in rallying attendance as desired.

We include all open-to-the-public events and performances on our website, in our monthly mailing, list in local papers and pertinent music magazines, submit to the local radio station, hang posters and flyers if you deliver them to us (hard copies or digital), post events on facebook and other social media, and do our best to spread the good word to gather a crowd. We expect performers to be similarly motivated to reach out as well, and we ask that you send us all details of your event (time, title, price, description, photos, web links, etc.) in a timely manner. All that said, there is no guarantee on numbers, as crowds flux unpredictably from night to night. There might be 35, and there might be only a literal handful.

We have a PA system in house, a large projection screen and digital projector, a basic led stage lighting setup, and access to most music. You are welcome to use any of these, and/or bring any of your own equipment, music, etc. All we ask is that you return any equipment of ours to its home when you are done (cables, mics, etc.), and that you take responsibility for our equipment as you would your own. (See equipment list for technical specs/details)

If you plan on using any of our equipment we appreciate you planning some appropriate advance set-up time to work out any kinks before audience begins arriving. We are happy to help as we can, but will usually be busy serving customers once the doors are open. When called for we are happy to schedule a visit in advance of your show to set lights, test video, etc.

We take responsibility for staffing and running the door, and will pass along all ticket sale proceeds within a day or two of your event… just let us know if you’d prefer us to mail a check or whether you’ll pick it up when it’s ready.

Thank you again for bringing your event to our space and for helping to bring the arthouse to life. We look forward to hosting, and are available to discuss any questions or other desires, etc. you may have.