Performing at Still Cellars

Our space is small and intimate, capacity all inclusive being 49. This makes the space especially conducive to acoustic/unplugged performances, but is not limiting. Our stage area is on the same plane as the audience and is outfitted with simple stage lighting. We have a house PA system that is available for use, as well as a 100-year old piano that is in tune and always loves to be played. We also have a digital projector and large retractable screen for cinematic presentations. We do not serve food, though food, snacks, and picnics are welcome to be brought in! We are also not considered a ‘bar’, so folks under 21 are welcome.

Outlined below are some basics about how we operate in general. We want your experience here to be smooth and positive, so do please continue the conversation if you have questions, and/or would like to discuss any changes, alternatives, exceptions, wonders, etc.

Tasting Room Eves vs. Arthouse Eves
Our tasting room is open steadily on Wednesdays and Fridays from 4pm – 8:30ish; we typically host live music on Fridays and some Wednesdays. We generally advertise music as being from 6:30pm – 8:30pm, and though we can be flexible we ask you to factor in our hours to any post-show socializing you might desire. We are committed to not charging a cover price on these particular evenings, and customers freely come and go throughout the duration of these hours. We offer no guarantee of attendance or compensation. We do offer performers a couple of complimentary handcrafted organic beverages ($8-$12 value each), the available use of our PA system and lights, a shiny tip jar, the encouragement for tips, and boundless gratitude. Artists are, of course, welcome to sell merchandise as well! Our space is conducive to gathering a listening audience, but as it is also a tasting room, there may be nights of more chatter and you may feel more like background music.

We reserve Thursday and Saturday evenings as our “arthouse” evenings. These are for more ‘focused’ or private events. For these events, you as the performer(s) may sculpt the eve to be exactly as you wish. In order to keep the arthouse operational we need to generate arthouse revenue of at least $350 on Thursdays and $500 on Saturdays. We retain all bar proceeds, and generally all event proceeds will go to you. You may choose to charge a ticket price, cover charge, suggested donation, etc. Depending on the details of your event we may discuss with you spliting some portion of your ticket sales in order to help the arthouse cover its expenses. We will happily set up a ticket page on our website if advance ticket sales are desired. A small transaction fee is charged per online ticket sale, but at 2.9% + $0.30 pe