House Equipment List

House PA Equipment List

1    ProFX12 -Mackie 12-Ch Stereo Mixer w/FX & USB

2    SRM350v3 -Mackie 10 BiAmped PA Speaker

3    SM58S -Shure Dynamic Vocal Mic w/ Switch

3    mic stands

3    goosenecks for mic stands

2    IMP2 -Whirlwind Standard DI Box

1    Snark Tuner

1    25-foot  XLR male-to-female cable

4    15-foot  XLR male-to-female cable

2    6-foot  XLR male-to-female cable

2    6-foot 1/4″-to-XLR cable

1    25-foot 1/4″ cable

1    guitar capo

1    two-instrument stand (sized for guitars)

miscellaneous adapters, cables, etc.

1    guitar pick punch (bring your old credit cards, etc.!)


  • We do not currently have a monitor speaker, though it’s on our wish list. Generally folks can hear themselves adequately through our house speaker set-up, but if you desire a monitor please plan on bringing that yourself.
  • We are versed in the operation of all our equipment, and are happy to help as we can. However we are generally busy serving customers. Unless you come early to set up, please plan on running your own sound mix and/or bringing along your own sound person as needed.


House Video Equipment List

1    BenQ HT1075, 1080P, 2.2k ANSI Lumen, 3D Full HD Projector

1    LG BP540 Smart 3D Blu-Ray/DVD Player, built-in WiFi

1    10.5′ wide X 7′ tall (13′ diagonal) projection screen, 1.1 gain

Note: Our projector receives HDMI, and the Blu-ray player reads optical discs, USB, and has some limited wireless capabilities. If you plan to project from a laptop, make sure it has an HDMI port. For wireless or other source materials, please plan on visiting in advance to make sure everything works smoothly.