Space Use Policies

Thank you for making use of Still Cellars for your event. Below are some basic guidelines we’ve come up with. We want your experience here to be smooth and positive, so please don’t hesitate to chat with us if you have any questions, and/or would like to discuss any changes or exceptions.

Minimum / Deposit
In order to be as accessible as possible to as many folks and groups as possible, we do not charge a rental fee. In lieu of this we ask for a $200 deposit in advance of your event. If we sell at least $300 ($500 on Saturdays) worth of our beverages, your deposit will be refunded in full. If we sell less than $300 ($500 on Saturdays) worth of our beverages, we will retain the amount that makes up the difference and refund the rest. This is for a 3-hour window, including set-up/clean-up. Additional time will add $50/hour ($75/hour on Saturdays) to the minimum in the same manner. Our spirituous drinks cost between $7-$11 each, and our non-spirituous drinks are between $2-$6 each. We do not include gratuity in any of our charges, and it is always appreciated if you are so inclined. If you need to cancel or re-schedule your event less than two weeks in advance, we reserve the right to keep your deposit.

Outside Food
Since we are not allowed to provide food, we invite you to bring and/or arrange your own. Catering, potlucks, food trucks, etc. are all welcome. We simply ask that you make use of the compost, recycling, and landfill bins we provide, and clean up after your event.

Outside Beverage
No outside beverages are allowed. We are able to provide fantastic spirituous and non-spirituous concoctions, as well as water, coffee, and tea. This is how we make our living, so we appreciate your understanding.

Sound / Video
We have a PA system, a large screen and digital projector, and access to most music. You are welcome to use any of these, and/or bring any of your own equipment, music, etc. All we ask is that you return any equipment of ours to its home when you’re done, such as cables, mics, etc.

We love children, and they are welcome to be here. All we ask is that they are well-supervised and prevented from exploring behind the bar or in the distillery.

Door / Cover / Tickets
You are welcome to charge a cover or sell tickets for your event. We are also happy to set up online ticket sales for you through our website. Just let us know, and be prepared for a small portion of sales to be taken by the transaction server. We do not take any portion of your cover charge and/or ticket sales, and we do not charge for the online ticket sales service.

Accidents Happen
If anything is damaged, such as glassware or art, we will work with you to find a fair and reasonable response. Your safety is our first concern.

Pack It In, Pack It Out
We ask that you help us keep Still Cellars in clean and healthy condition. We have receptacles to collect compost, recycling, and trash. If you anticipate producing more waste than our receptacles can hold, please be prepared to “pack it out”.


download these space use policies here