A Christmas Concert, Cabaret and Carol-Fest


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As if Christmas weren’t magical enough, come experience what happens when a seasoned, classically trained singer combines forces with a youthful, “gypsy jazz” pianist and acoustic guitar player, in the service of St. Nicholas, the blessed Baby Jesus, a Host of Angels, Sugar Plum Fairies, Mother Mary, and the Old Fashioned Spirit of Christmas! Doe Kelly and David Vandervort celebrate with you, their talents, in the contemplative and festive spirit of Christmas as embodied through song, music, poetry and prose!
Doors open at 6pm, Music at 7pm
Suggested Admission: $8 – $20 (ALL PROCEEDS go to the artists!)

No need to print anything out. Once you’ve purchased your ticket(s), your name will be added to the list at the door. Just early to check in and get your sips and seats!

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