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As we make our way along Life’s path, there is the occasional encounter with one who beautifies and inspires our entire journey. If you are among those of us with the exquisite fortune of crossing paths with sadye rose, you know exactly this honor and delight. A singular voice of passion, wisdom, humor, inevitable kindness; creator, supporter, and champion of the arts with a poignant aesthetic; student and teacher of healing across modalities; ally, patron, fierce proponent of true inclusivity…

And on February 28 she finishes her first four decades of being sadye rose!

As you may know (and if not, freely inquire), this year of turning and being forty holds much import for sadye rose. Through powerful intention this years swirls much change, growth, transition. Needs and desires sown and now ripe… for new patterns and practices, new rhythms and space, new perspectives and possibilities… and all deserving of assistance, homage, backing.

That’s where we come in! We are the community who has benefited from the many exceptional gifts and generosity of sadye rose for all these years, and we have a fantastic opportunity to express our appreciation and gratitude!

sadye rose is not prone to ask for it, so it is on us to step up and offer it… let’s shower sadye rose with abundance to empower all she wants to make of this brave new year. Be it the medical device to take her health to the next level not covered by insurance (aka continuous glucose monitor), tools and resources for healing she has yet to explore, even just time to make the art inside her come to life… sadye rose is ready to welcome this new year as a bold new chapter; let’s show her that her community is ready to support her endeavors!

We are enough in numbers that if we each contribute even a comfortable amount, we can aggregate a meaningful impact for her entire year. Below are options for either a one time contribution or year-long monthly “subscription”. By doing this on our own terms and separate from commercial crowdfunding platforms, we maximize the pennies going directly to sadye rose to vitalize her year of being forty… and the rest of her beautiful life!

  • Benefits cannot be accrued, carried over, transferred to others, or redeemed for cash value.
  • Benefits apply only while subscription is active unless otherwise noted.
  • You may cancel your subscription any time.
  • Maximum ticket value of $15. (credit shows with higher priced tickets)
  • Benefits may change at any time. If your subscription is affected we will let you know in advance