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It’s true!  We show films at Still Cellars! We are currently re-working our scheduling ways a bit, and will begin showing fewer films on Mondays and more films on Thursdays. Stay tuned for any rhyme or reason we come up with, otherwise please check the schedule to see what’s coming next. Films screenings are bring-your-own popcorn/snacks/dinner, and a very casual viewing environment. Doors open at 6pm, and the film begins at 7pm. Pay-what-you-can, $5 suggested donation.

We curate our own eclectic selection of films… new and old, foreign and domestic, independent and mainstream. We also love to hear from you… what would you like to see at your local arthouse? Please use the form below to suggest either a title or genre of film that you might enjoy watching here at Still Cellars. We can’t guarantee that we will show every movie suggested, but we look forward to expanding all of our cinematic horizons.

Note:  Though we are open to showing mainstream movies and welcome all suggestions, our primary interest is in showing “arthouse” movies… think local, foreign, independent, “artsy”… the sort of movies you might not get to see at the local megaplex.

Let us know what you would like to see, whether someone else has already suggested the same film or not. If you know the year, put that in as well in case there are multiple versions of the film. And feel free to suggest as many as you like!

If you or someone you know is a filmmaker and would like to exhibit material, please let us know… we would be honored to help!

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