We’ve got some exciting experiments underway in the distillery!

Warning: Patience Required…

Hold on to your taste buds… we’re cooking up an ALL RYE whiskey!

Why rye?

Did you know that prior to Prohibition rye whiskey was the quintessential American whiskey? This old grain is smaller and tougher than barley, producing well in a wider range of climates. It’s also packed with nutrients and… flavor! Here at Still Cellars we have appreciated the unique and scintillating characteristics of rye whiskey for years. Many brewers and distillers use small portions of rye in recipes for its spicy and peppery taste. It can be a difficult grain to brew alone, as it is notorious for its thick viscosity, which can wreak all sorts of havoc on brewing equipment. Intrepid as ever in our quest for spirituous adventure here at Still Cellars, we have just completed an ALL RYE mash, which we will ferment, distill, and age into an ALL RYE whiskey. Stay tuned for more enticing details (did someone say, “chocolate rye”??) and updates. It will be months before the tastings begin, but our fingers are crossed this spirit will be well worth the wait.

Next up in the experiments… hops! Stay tuned for our next titillating taste adventure!